What is Kale?

Kale is a direct fork of the Chia™ Network codebase built by space farmers as a fully decentralized alternative green cryptocurrency that can be secured alongside Chia™ while consuming negligible additional power. We aim to be a community-driven fork reflecting the will of our users, while promoting and recognizing excellent contributions to the Chia and Kale user communities. Kale is not affiliated with Chia Network, Inc., but builds on their great open-source work.

Where can I get answers to questions about running Kale?

You should first read Chia’s repository FAQ, check out the wealth of information on the repository wiki and join us on Discord in the #general channels. You also can read a good summary of the basics of creating plots from Chia.

Can I farm Kale with my existing Chia™ plots?

Yes, The existing Chia™ plots can be used to farm on the Kale Network.

Is the Kale project open source?

Yes! Kale is a fork of the Chia™ project. The full source code is available on GitHub for anyone to review, verify and improve!

Is it safe farming Kale with my current mnemonics?

Yes! It is absolutely safe running Kale with your current mnemonics. Kale is open source and has the same kernel as Chia™’s. If you are unable to evaluate the security of our changes, we recommend that you use separate private keys and plots to farm Kale.

What is the Kale's emission schedule?

Kale operates with the same emission schedule as Chia™, where 2 Kale will be minted per block targeting 4,608 blocks per day (32 blocks every 10 minutes) for the chain’s first 3 years, halving every 3 years until reaching 0.125 Kale per block.

Is there a prefarm?

Kale has a transparent developer prefarm of 210,000 kale to support development and cloud infrastructure costs, and a community developer pool of 90,000 kale to reward community contributions to Kale and Chia™.

Can I buy Kale today?

Yes. Kale now supports transactions, so the buying and selling of kale is live.

How can I buy Kale?

After transactions begin on the mainnet, Kale is available for buying, selling, and trading from other kale owners. Currently you can trade Kale on market.posat.io and Discord for other coins. Kale will probably be traded on most global exchanges.

What is the value of Kale (XKA)?

Cryptocurrency has no intrinsic value. Its value doesn’t come from any person or corporate entity but from broad community support as well as supply and demand. We aim to build a great community by users for users. The value of XKA is currently unknown without an exchange listing, and you should treat it as worthless internet brownie points in the most probable case.

Why are you named Kale?

We’re green money! The team wanted a name that would be short and impactful. Kale is also healthy. Kale Network was born.