Kale Network

Kale is a decentralized green cryptocurrency based on PoST consensus algorithm, built by a community of space farmers for everyone.

Kale mainnet is live!

Mainnet Release

We believe that cryptocurrency should be easier to use than cash, harder to lose, and nearly impossible to steal. Anyone who wants to validate transactions should be able to farm without single-use hardware or a big electricity bill.

On July 4th we released our source code on GitHub and mainnet launched for farming rewards on Saturday July 10, 2021. Transactions were enabled as well.

Kale Network develops a green cryptocurrency that is based on the Chia source code, an innovative blockchain using Proofs of Space and Time algorithms. The latest released version of Kale is based on Chia™ 1.2.3.

Kale should automatically connect to the network, facilitated by WebSocket and DNS-based introducers, but for your reference, here are some nodes that we are running for the network to help you connect. Kale’s main network port is TCP 6333.

Name Domain Port
DNS introducer dns-introducer.kalenetwork.org (DNS)
WebSocket introducer introducer.kalenetwork.org 6333
Full node node-1.kalenetwork.org 6333
Full node node-2.kalenetwork.org 6333
Full node node-3.kalenetwork.org 6333
Full node node-4.kalenetwork.org 6333

You should review the release notes and then install Kale blockchain.

Released under the open source Apache License.


Blockchain, and Coloured coins

Latest Version: (unknown) Install Kale blockchain

Kale Blockchain Explorer

The community has created a great explorer for Kale, click the button below will redirect you there.

Claim Rewards

The community has created a 7/8 NFT reward system for Kale, click the button below will redirect you there.

Kale Blockchain Calculator

The community has created a cool calculator for Kale, click the button below will redirect you there.