Chia is hiring!

We believe that anyone should be able to farm and that cryptocurrency should be easier to use and more secure than cash. That means we need people who want to create internet class user experience on the most secure blockchain and smart transaction platform created so far.

Many on the Chia team are located in the SF Bay Area but remote is fine as we have people all over the world - Keybase, GitHub, and Zoom are how we work. Geographic restrictions, if any, will be noted in a job specification.

Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]. Please put the role you are applying for as part of the subject line and include anything additionally required by a specific job posting.

Current openings:
    |     Software Engineer     |     Chinese Technical Community Manager     |    

Software Engineer

Kale Networks is hiring technically gifted programmers to expand our team of cryptographers and engineers building our blockchain and smart transaction platform. We have a focus on easy to use software across architectures and operating systems. You should have strong algorithmic skills. Cryptography experience is a plus but not required. Remote is okay and currently the standard, though there is a concentration of people in the SF Bay Area. To apply, if your resume does not speak for itself, please complete a couple of LeetCode Contests and send a link to your LeetCode profile and your resume in your Cover Letter.

We once asked Bram what to put here and he said, “We need engineers to press buttons on computers…” That said, you will get to work with some of best engineers and cryptographers in the world - on the latest protocols and research.

Software Engineer Responsibilities:

  • Extend functionality and refactor codebases in Python or C++.
  • Write clear, secure code and unit testing that runs on Windows, Linux, and MacOS for both x64 and ARM64.
  • Work with a remote team of engineers and cryptographers around the globe.
  • Learn and implement Chialisp and other tools used to add functionality to the Kale blockchain.

Software Engineer Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent experience) in Computer Science, IT, or a similar field.
  • Mastery of either Python, C++ or both.
  • Must be able to be productive and largely self guided in a remote role.
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills.

Chinese Technical Community Manager

Building a strong community is essential for mass adoption of the Kale blockchain. As Chinese Technical Community Manager, you will foster an inviting ecosystem of users and developers to adopt, use, and evangelize Chia as the preferred green cryptocurrency by the native Chinese speaking community.


  • Build and maintain a healthy Chinese community on official social media and messaging services used by Kale Network Inc.
  • Develop a scalable knowledge base to provide technical support for Chinese Chia users
  • Recruit and manage volunteer community moderators to provide 24x7 support via supported messaging platforms
  • Manage communications between English speaking Chia developers and the Chinese community
  • Transfer best practices and tools from global Chia community managers to the local community
  • Represent the Chinese point of view as internal insight for the development and marketing process within Chia

Required Qualifications

  • Native mandarin Chinese speaking, reading, and writing
  • Graduated from English speaking college or university
  • Experience moderating any Chinese social media or messaging service

Desired Qualifications

  • Experience farming Chia or mining other cryptocurrencies
  • Public Relations or message development background
  • Project Management or Community Manager experience


Kale Network Inc. allows for flexible work hours and remote work for this position. Core hours should match the time the Chinese Chia community is most active. We offer medical, dental, and life insurance for you, your spouse/domestic partner and children.

We offer competitive salaries for college graduates joining a well funded Silicon Valley startup. We are willing to sponsor OPT for F-1 students with relocation to our Singapore office after a year of employment.

Growth Opportunities

As a startup, highly successful employees can chart their own career paths after a year of A+ performance. Examples of such career paths are listed below, although employees are encouraged to forge their own paths:

  • Opportunity in project management: you can become a technical project manager for the Southeast Asia region assisting developers to adopt Chia for their projects.
  • Opportunity as a manager: you can become the manager for all of Asia region community managers.

Pre-screening Qualifications

In order to ensure you are suitable for this role, please complete the following on your own before applying:

  • Set up Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Read all Chia wiki pages
  • Install Chia client, create a plot and farm on 2 operating systems: one should be on Ubuntu, and the other on Windows or macOS
  • Join Chia official community on Keybase
  • Join at least 2 Chia-related Chinese social media or messaging communities

Application Process

Send your CV/resume along with your Keybase name to [email protected]